Mike Scorelle
Software Developer


I provide a wide variety software development services as well as product development:

  • Native iOS Applications
  • Native Android applications
  • Responsive web design
  • Progressive web applications
  • Internal applications for business processes
  • Customer-facing web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Technology consulting
  • Product development/consulting
For more information on how I can help your business be more productive and profitable, contact me at (646)256-2021 or mike@mikescorelle.com

About Me

I specialize in building software that creates efficiencies from manual processes, adding scalability as well as profitability.

Although I've been programming since about 7 years old, my career path has lead in several interesting directions, including journalist, electronics technician on a submarine for the US Navy as well as 15 years in a variety of sales roles, which allows me to bring a non-traditional background to programming giving me a better understanding of customers needs and the ability to communicate complex technical issues on a non-technical/human level.

I have deep knowledge of publishing, advertising, conference development and financial services. I have touched on other industries in my career and can adapt without significant ramp up time.

Also I switch careers at nearly 40 simply by telling my manager I could develop software that would make his business more efficient and profitable and then accomplished that.

I grew up in Brooklyn, but now live in suburban Connecticut with my wife and three sons.

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